pub brewery

Pub brewery Plants
100-2.000 hl of beer per year

  • Complete brewing systems for brewpubs (pubbreweries)
    installed also with beerpub outfit in copper
    or stainless steel.
  • 2- or 3-vessel steam-heated brewhouse 2hl, 4hl, 5hl, 10hl
    made in stainless steel or with copper-clad.
  • Brewing, fermenting & conditioning can be controlled
    manually, via central-control panel (semi-automatic-
    control) or automatic (computer) controlled depending
    on customer's requirements.
  • Our pub brewery equipment enables all styles of mashing:
    infusion, simple decoction, triple-decoction
  • On having installed our brewing system at your site
    You get full variety of own-brewed clasic
    and special beers.
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microbrewery 2 vessel

Microbrewery Plants
2000hl - 14000hl of beer per year

  • 2- or 3-vessel brewhouse sized standartly 5hl,10hl, 15hl, 20hl per brew
    but can be custom-made as well.
  • Space saving microbrewery systems designed
    for economic brewing, fermenting & conditioning.
  • Automatic (Computer) control or Semiautomatic Control
    with programming system.
  • Both infusion and decoction mashing capable microbreweries
    producing all styles of beer: from ales to lagers
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microbrewery 4 vessel

Microbrewery Plants
14000 - 70000hl of beer per year

  • 3-vessel or 4-vessel brewhouse sized 20hl, 25hl, 35hl, 50hl/brew
  • Complete industrial brewery systems enabling all styles
    of mashing: infusion, simple decoction, triple-decoction
  • Microbrewery equipment for brewing
    of all beer styles: both ales and lagers
  • Each brew operation can be performed in a separate vessel (4-vessel design), or mash/kettle can be in one vessel (3-vessel design)
  • Brewing, fermenting & conditioning process are
    automatic-computer-controlled or semi-automatic-
    controlled with programming system.
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bottling line

Bottle-Filling Equipment
capacity range 30 bph - 25.000 bph

  • Bottling machines for pubbreweries, small & mid-size
    microbreweries, water plants, beverage plants, wineries,
    distilleries, edible-oil plants. Bottle-filling equipment
    for beer & other beverages, filling into glass bottles
    or PET bottles.
  • Small Manual Bottling & Kegging Equipment: 30 to 300 bph
    (240 - 2400 bottles per 8 hrs working shift)
  • Semiautomatic Bottling & Kegging Machines: up to 600 bph
    (up to 4800 bottles per 8 hrs working shift)
  • Smaller Automatic Rotary Fillers, Cappers, Labellers
    900 to 1500 bph
  • Automatic Monoblocks, Triblocks, Superblocks: Rinser/
    Filler/ Capper/ Labeller: 1500 to 4000 bph up to 25000 bph
bottle washers & bottle rinsers, bottle inspectors, bottle conveyors
& decrators, PET-blowers, bottle-unscramblers, carbonators, drink-
mixing units, shrink-wrappers, palletizers

keg washer / filler

Keg-Filllng Lines 10 - 120 kegs/hr

for filling of beer, soft-drinks or wine into KEG-barrels
  • KEG Washers
  • KEG Fillers
  • KEG Cappers
  • KEG Turners
  • KEG Chain Conveyors
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tanks vessels

Stainless Steel Tanks/Vessels
Tanks Construction up to 500hl (50m³)

  • Full range of custom designed stainless steel tanks.
    Pressurized/Non Pressurized, Double jacketed
    or with single jacket, insulated or non-insulated,
    with or without cooling zones, heated or non-heated
    vessels, cylindrical or conical tanks.
    Dished or common heads/bottoms.
  • Pressure vessels/tanks. Storage tanks/silos.
    Process vessels/tanks. Mixers. Blenders. Homogenizers.
  • Pharma tanks.
  • Customized brewery tanks & vessels.
  • Agitation tanks. Milk storage tanks. Vinegar tanks.
  • Edible oil tanks. Wine tanks/vessels.
  • CIP & sanitary tanks. - Pub brewery & Microbrewery systems, Bottling/Kegging systems
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