Industrial brewery equipment

Industrial brewery equipment 3.000HL up to 100.000HL of beer per year
3-, 4-, 5- or 6-vessel brewhouse 30HL, 40HL, 50HL, 60HL, 80HL
Fermenting & conditioning CCT-tanks 30HL up to 400HL
Brite-beer tanks 30HL up to 400HL
Bottling lines, Kegging lines

Industrial brewery equipment 30HL, 40HL, 50HL, 60Hl & 80HL per brew with 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-vessel brewhouse

Complete industrial brewery equipment for breweries with production from 3.000HL up to 100.000HL of beer per year.
3-vessel, 4-vessel, 5-vessel, 6-vessel brewhouse ranging from 30HL up to 80HL/brew. For top fermented (infusion mashing) and bottom fermented (decoction mashing) beer styles.

Industrial brewery plants capable to do multiple batches daily.
30HL | 40HL | 50HL | 60HL | 80HL brewhouse sizes are produced standartly. But also customized specially composed brewhouses are manufactured on customer’s request in 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-vessel design. Mash *kettle * lauter * whirlpool design with HLT(hot liquor tank) and CLT(cold liquor tank) installed separately. HLT usually in one area with Wort-Cooler, CLT in one area with chilling system.
Each of basic brewing operations is performed in a separate brewhouse vessel with 4-, 5- or 6-vessel. While 3-vessel system (mash/kettle * lauter * whirlpool), can later be upgraded by adding extra wort-kettle, holding tank or pre-masher vessel.
All brewhouse vessels are installed on selfsupporting platfom, which enables easy access to all vessels’ drive from below the platform (drive is in brewhouse vessels’ bottom). Our industrial brewery equipment enables production of all styles of beer. From infusion-ales to complex tripple-decoction lagers. Brewing process is fully PLC-controlled, with possibility to fix temperatures and times of brewing operations. Brewhouse heating system is fully automatic, cellar chilling system (fermenting & conditioning process ) is working in fully automatic regime as well.
All brewing operations/processes are controlled from central control panel (semi-automatic control system), or can be fully automated (computer controlled) with access also from a distant computer or cell phone.
industrial brewery equipment brewery scheme

1. wort kettle 2. lauter tun 3. whirlpool 4. mash tun 5. service platform

Industrial brewery equipment setup

BREWHOUSE (3-vessel) for 2 batches daily:
| mash-kettle | lauter tun | whirlpool
3-vessel brewhouse can be pre-designed for future upgrade to 4-vessel, 5-vessel or 6-vessel (adding extra wort-kettle or holding tank or pre-masher vessel)

BREWHOUSE (4-vessel) for 3 batches daily:
| mash tun | lauter tun | wort kettle | whirlpool

BREWHOUSE (5-vessel) for 5 batches daily:
| mash tunlauter tun | holding tank | wort kettle | whirlpool

BREWHOUSE (6-vessel) for 6 batches daily:
| pre-masher vessel  | mash tunlauter tun | holding tank | wort kettle | whirlpool

We manufacture industrial brewery equipment, deliver & install turnkey brewery plants with complete departments:
CCT-tanks for fermenting & lagering, brite-beer tanks, dispensing tanks for beer drafting
Hot operation: wort-cooler & aerator, hot water tank-HLT, steam generator
Cold operation: system for ice-water generating & storing – CLT, glycol chilling unit
Complete malt-handling department: malt-mill, grist-auger, grist case, malt silos
Automatic brewhouse control system with remote control, cellar tanks auto-control with central control panel
CIP-station in 2-vessel, 3-vessel or 4-vessel version
Yeast tanks for cleaning & storing of brewer’s yeasts, or yeast propagation station
Beer filters: Kieselguhr, plate or sterile cartridge beer filters
Beer filling & packaging operation: bottling, kegging, oneway KEG filling equipmwent

Brewery size/batch CCT-fermenters size Beer production per year
30HL 30HL, 60HL, 90HL, 120HL 3000 – 30.000HL
40HL 40HL, 80HL, 120HL 4000 – 40.000HL
50HL 50HL, 100HL, 150HL 5000 – 50.000HL
60HL 60HL, 120HL, 180HL 6.000 – 75.000HL
80HL 80HL, 160HL 10.000 – 100.000HL

FERMENTATION & BRITE-BEER TANKS & Auxilliary Components:
| fermenting & conditioning CCT-tanks | brite-beer tanks | control system | wort cooling &, aeration |
| steam generator | glycol cooling unit | malt-mill | cip-station | piping & platform | beer-filters | yeast propagation |