Pub Brewery Equipment

3HL, 5HL, 10HL, 15HL, 20HL craft beer per brew with 2 or 3-vessel brewhouse

Complete pub brewery equipment for microbreweries, pubs & restaurant breweries with production from 100HL up to 14.000HL of craft beer per year.
2 or 3-vessel brewhouse ranging from 3HL up to 20HL/brew enable both infusion mashing, and decoction mashing.
Brewery plants capable to do 1, 2 or 3 brews per day
3HL | 5HL | 10HL | 15HL | 20HL brewhouse sizes are produced standartly, but also custom-made specially composed brewhouses are manufactured on customer’s request in 2- or 3-vessel design.

pub brewery equipment Ceska Trebova

Our pub brewery equipment enables production of all styles of craft beer: from infusion-ales to complex tripple-decoction lagers.

Brewing process is fully PLC-controlled, with possibility to fix temperatures and times of brewing operations. Brewhouse heating system is fully automatic, cellar chilling system (fermenting & conditioning process ) is working in fully automatic regime as well.
All brewing operations/proces ses are controlled from central control panel (semi-automatic control system), or can be fully automated (computer controlled) with access from central monitor/touch-pad or from a distant computer or cell phone.
Our automatic brewhouse control system and cellar auto-control system with central control panel are most comfortable and affordable solutions for craft beer production.

3-vessel Brewhouse

brewery cooling diagram
brewery cooling diagram
pub brewery 3 vessel brewhouse
3 vessel brewhouse scheme

Mash – Kettle | Lauter Tun | Whirlpool

Mash/Kettle + Lauter Tun are on platform, Whirlpool is installed seaparately, usually in one area with Wort-Cooler and Hot Liquor Tank (HLT). Brewhouse vessels’ drive is in the dished-head (dome).

Example 10 HL 3 vessel brewhouse.

If you prefer a massive industrial brewhouse look for your pub brewery, all 3 brewhouse vessels can be on platform and also CCT-fermenters, brite-beer tanks and beer dispensing tanks can be made in highly polished finish and can be displayed in one room with brewhouse or behind a glass wall see the example below

pub brewery equipment - polished finish dispensing tanks

As smaller pub brewery equipment (3HL & 5HL per batch, 100HL to 1000HL of craft beer per year) we offer 2-vessel brewhouse: Mash/Kettle + Lauter tun/Whirlpool on platform.

Example of 300L 2 vessel brewhouse.


  1. Adding more attraction to your current pub/restaurant – you substantially increase number of your visitors/guests
  2. You double to tripple your profit per each glass of beer served to your visitors/guests
  3. Meal sales boom in your restaurant supported by special in-house beers on offer
  4. Substantially faster return on investment – if you build a new pub/restaurant with your own in-house pub brewery you need by far shorter period of time to pay your invested money back (compared to classical pub/restaurant without own pub brewery)
  5. Increased publicity of your pub/restaurant – you increase your potential for further business expansion

We manufacture, deliver & install turnkey pub brewery equipment with complete departments:

CCT-tanks for fermenting & lagering, Brite-beer tanks,
Dispensing tanks for beer drafting in beer pubs, bars and restaurants
Hot operation: wort-cooler & aerator, hot water tank-HLT, steam generator
Cold operation: system for ice-water generating & storing – CLT, glycol chilling unit (cooling diagram)
Complete malt-handling department: malt-mill, grist-auger, grist case, malt silos
Automatic brewhouse control system with remote control, cellar tanks auto-control with central control panel
CIP-station in 2-vessel, 3-vessel or 4-vessel version
Yeast tanks for cleaning & storing of brewer’s yeasts, or yeast propagation station
Beer filters: Kieselguhr, plate or sterile cartridge beer filters
Beer filling & packaging operation: bottling & packaging, kegging & oneway KEG filling equipment

Brewhouse and CCT-fermenters height can be adapted to customer’s location.

Brewery size/batch CCT-fermenters size Number of CCT-fermenters Beer production per year Floor space BH + Cellar + filling + store Height Brewhouse Height Cellar
3HL (300L) 6HL 4 480HL 40㎡ 2,40m 2,50m
5HL (500L) 10HL 5 1000HL 70㎡ 2,60m 2,80m
10HL (1000L) 20HL 5 2000HL 100㎡ 2,80m 3,00m
15HL (1500L) 30HL 5 3000HL 140㎡ 3,20m 3,40m
20HL (2000L) 40HL 5 4000HL 180㎡ 3,30m 3,80m