Delivery and brewery installation

All delivered microbrewery equipment or pub brewery plant items are carefuly packaged on steel-frames with wooden, carton and foil fixing for truck or sea shipment. All brewery equipment is totally protected and insured against any mechanical damaging during conveying to the customer.

We provide all export paperwork, loading to truck or to sea container and secure transportation of brewing equipment directly to customer’s site or customer’s closest port.

Once the equipment is delivered to customer’s site, they secure unloading and unpacking all microbrewery vessels and all equipment items from steel frames and placing them within their brewery location according to approved brewery layout.
All basic media connections like water supply, electricity, gas or LPG, steel frames for chiller units, Freon gas R404 or 407 for chilling units and drainage to be secured before our installaton team is coming.
The same relates to local labour like electrician, welder, cooling technician, steam-genjerator specialist and assistant labour as well.

Once all is secured on customer’s side, our installation team is coming to finalize equipment placing and fixing, to perform all brewery equipment connections, fine tuning and testing, and to perform complete brewery system testing by means of authentic brewery process simulation with water (water testing).

In the final days of installation our brewmaster is coming to introduce brewing technology, to make first brewings, to set the fully tested brewery plant into operation, and/or to manage beer brewing process during first weeks of microbrewery/pub brewery operation.

Plug and brew system

Our brewery equipment can also be delivered as fully assembled plug & brew units pre-designed for self-installation performed by customers.
Brewhouse, Cellar package, Hot water unit, Ice-water and chilling unit just need to be connected/plugged to the media and can you can go brewing.

Our computer brewery control system enables our specialists to set up, test and fix any potential technical issue from a remote computer at our factory.