one-way keg

One-way KEG filling solutions. Keykegs, Petainers, Polykegs, Ecodrafts.

One-way keg as Keykegs, Petainers, Polykegs and Ecodrafts are becoming more and more popular within beer selling and consuming community and begin to stand in one line with classical beer KEGs (KEG-barrels).

One-way keg beer containers are lightweight which makes beer distribution and sales much easier. They are one-way so no headaches with returning and cleaning empty KEGs, and they are cheap so no extra big costs being calculated into your beer pricing. One-way keg beer containers prolong your beer shelf life and you’re free from all the paperwork related to your KEGs fleet administration.

We are here with smart & affordable solutions for filling beer into all of the most up to date one-way keg beer containers.

Pricing for a separate Keykeg, Petainer, Polykeg or Ecodraft filler starts from 14.490 EUR.

We have even a cheaper solution. Our classical semiautomatic KEG-washer/filler can be additionally adapted for other beer containers and this will enable you to also fill your beer into keykegs, petainers, polykegs or ecodrafts on the same filling equipment.
Adapting parts for keykegs cost only 3.290 EUR while adapting parts for petainers cost 6.070 €.

Small manual solutions for classical KEG washing & filling – price from 6.160 EUR