Expansion of beer production in Venezuela brewery

We wanted to show you fresh photos from 20HL-brewery at Cervecentro Caracas, Venezuela, which we installed in 2015. But there’s more, since this brewery is going to make significant expansion of beer production.

Actual brewery setup is 3-vessel brewhouse: mash/kettle + lauter tun + whirlpool, and with 40HL cellar tanks.
However, Cervecentro brewery are going to upgrade their brewhouse to the 5-vessel brewhouse by adding second mash/kettle plus holding tank. We made Cervecentro brewhouse platform prepared for the production expansion. Therefore you can see space on the operation platform for another mash/kettle. Holding tank will stand separately.

Further substantial expansion of beer production capacity will be made in several steps:
firstly by installation of 80HL and 160HL cylindro-conical tanks(CCTs) and brite beer tanks(BBTs)
secondly by purchase of 2 new glycol chiller-units
and by addition of new 80HL-Cold Liquor Tank

Cervecentro also want to work with our dry-hopping unit, we will bring extra article on dry-hopping soon.

aditional space on brewhouse platform for expansion of beer production
empty space on the platform left for the second mash/kettle
space dedicated to brewery upgrade and expansion of beer production
Cervecentro brewery left enough space around the brewhouse for adding the cold liquor tank and cooling units
additional fermentation tanks floor space for expansion of beer production
sufficient floor space left for more fermentation tanks