Pioneer Beer brewery in Zatec

Brewery virtual tour – Pioneer Beer

It is not that long ago that we finished installation of our 10HL-brewery system at Pioneer Beer in Zatec, Czech Republic. At the beginning, brewer has to properly refurbish historical hops warehouse building. With the original wooden roof structure preserved and displayed. Prior that, we provided all the measurements and figures needed to install all […]

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Setting up 10hl brewery Zatec, CZ

Just installed our new 10HL-brewery setup at Pioneer Beer in Zatec. Zatec is principal hop growing region in the Czech Republic. Traditional old brewery technology in addition of extra CCT-fermentation tanks and extra horizontal lagering tanks. Capacity 1.200HL of beer per year. However, brewer can easily expand production by installing additional cellar tanks. Find more […]

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brewery energy savings

Brewery energy savings

Beer production is highly energy-intensive and includes many proceses from mashing and wort-boiling to fermenting and conditioning. Using many equipment items from pumps and boilers to glycol chillers. All this means lot of energy for heating and for cooling, which at the other end of the process impacts the actual cost of beer at the bar or restaurant. To lower […]

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Brewhouse design options

Most frequent 3-vessel brewhouse design Our most frequently made brewhouse design is 3-vessel: mash/kettle + lauter tun + whirlpool While mash/kettle + lauter tun are on platform. Whirlpool vessel is standing extra, usually in one area with HLT and Wort-Cooler. This setup can perform both infusion and decoction mashing (even tripple decoction if needed). Over 90% of Czech […]

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Micro brewery equipment for Venezuela

Our new micro brewery equipment project in Venezuela 20 HL 3-vessel brewhouse: mash/kettle + lauter tun + whirlpool for 2 batches daily 40 HL CCT unitanks and 40 HL brite-beer tanks Operation platform pre-designed for future 4-vessel brewhouse expansion: mash tun + lauter tun + wort kettle + whirlpool for 3 batches daily (+1 batch = 50% performance […]

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