Brewhouse design options

basic brewhouse design 3-vessel microbrewery system
10 HL brewhouse in brass clad. You can see mash/kettle + lauter tun, whirlpool is separate.

Most frequent 3-vessel brewhouse design

Our most frequently made brewhouse design is 3-vessel:
mash/kettle + lauter tun + whirlpool

While mash/kettle + lauter tun are on platform. Whirlpool vessel is standing extra, usually in one area with HLT and Wort-Cooler. This setup can perform both infusion and decoction mashing (even tripple decoction if needed). Over 90% of Czech microbreweries work with such a brewhouse setup.

Expansion ready brewhouse design

Higher microbrewery version is – all 3 vessels are on self supporting platform with access to all brewhouse drives from below. The platform can be made with space for future additionally installed extra wort-kettle (upgrade to 4-vessel) or even for further additional vessels like holding-tank or pre-masher vessel (upgrade to 5- or to 6-vessel brewhouse) – for multiple batches daily.

The resulting setup is then:

pre-masher vessel + mash tun + lauter tun + holding tank + wort-kettle + whirlpool

Such an upgrade for microbrewery means considerable production expansion (multiple batches daily).
Pre-masher vessel makes significant portion of mash tun’s work. Therefore mash tun is free for next brewing much sooner.
The same relates to holding tank which holds the wort until the wort-kettle is free for next batch. Thus making lauter tun free for next brewing in a much shorter time.

Full automatic brewery control system can be added later (on expansion) as well. Additional CCT-fermenters are then accordingly delivered in 3-, 4-, 5- or 6-batch size. This way you start with a cheaper system and have door left open for future expansion without having to invest into a completely new brewery plant. We have just completed 20Hl-brewery for Venezuela with 3-vessel brewhouse and they will upgrade the brewhouse this way in near future.

Other brewhouse design examples

For our Sweden based customer we have designed the following brewhouse setup:
mash tun + lauter tun + holding tank + wort kettle/whirlpool + external calandria

Further examples of brewhouse design:

mash tun + lauter tun + wort-kettle with internal boiler + whirlpool.
mash tun is equipped with pre-masher

mash tun + lauter tun + wort-kettle with steam jackets + whirlpool.
mash tun is equipped with pre-masher