Brewery systems – special features

Trouble-free brewhouse system based on brewmasters improvements We keep in permanent contact with our customers and with our collaborating brewmasters.This results in top-efficient brewing equipment with USER FRIENDLY BREWHOUSE CONTROL SYSTEM, which means easy-to-operate brewhouse adapted to customer’s needs and customer’s language (also Korean language possible). We have a great reputation among Czech master-brewers – […]

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Pioneer Beer brewery in Zatec

Brewery virtual tour – Pioneer Beer

It is not that long ago that we finished installation of our 10HL-brewery system at Pioneer Beer in Zatec, Czech Republic. At the beginning, brewer has to properly refurbish historical hops warehouse building. With the original wooden roof structure preserved and displayed. Prior that, we provided all the measurements and figures needed to install all […]

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Setting up 10hl brewery Zatec, CZ

Just installed our new 10HL-brewery setup at Pioneer Beer in Zatec. Zatec is principal hop growing region in the Czech Republic. Traditional old brewery technology in addition of extra CCT-fermentation tanks and extra horizontal lagering tanks. Capacity 1.200HL of beer per year. However, brewer can easily expand production by installing additional cellar tanks. Find more […]

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6 vessel fully automated craft brewery

6-vessel automated craft brewery

We have just built and commissioned 30HL 6-vessel fully automated craft brewery at Frydlant Brewery who also operate a School of Brewers – It’s first 6-vessel fully automated craft brewery with pneumatic valves in the Czech Republic. 6-vessel brewhouse design enables each brewing operation to be performed in a separate vessel considerably thus increasing brewhouse […]

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