Pioneer Beer brewery in Zatec

Brewery virtual tour – Pioneer Beer

It is not that long ago that we finished installation of our 10HL-brewery system at Pioneer Beer in Zatec, Czech Republic.

At the beginning, brewer has to properly refurbish historical hops warehouse building. With the original wooden roof structure preserved and displayed. Prior that, we provided all the measurements and figures needed to install all the brewing and fermenting/lagering equipment.

Meanwhile, we were crafting all the microbrewery equipment, brewery site was prepared accordingly. However, the most complicated part of works started for us. In other words, our engineers had to fit all brewery vessels in between the old timber-work. Sometimes literally millimeter by millimeter moving forward or around the corners.

As a result, you can now enjoy the brewery virtual tour.

3D model inside brewery
inside Pioneer Beer 3D model
entrance area with brewhouse
this you will see after you pass the door