Brewing guidance

For brewing guidance we co-operate with leading Czech brewmasters with years of brewing experience in most popular Czech craft breweries and in big industrial breweries.
All of our master brewers have been educated & trained at renowned brewing schools in the Czech Republic, and they are promoting our famous beer brewing tradition and culture to whole World.

We provide our brewing guidance from the very beginning of the process.
Together with customers we make selection of suitable beer recipes from our databes and developing customers own recipes.

Based on customer’s beer recipes selection (adapted to their local beer culture and tradition) and based on our batch size and cellar tanks setup estimation we start design and manufacturing of customer’s brewery equipment and make all the engineering works needed for brewery location preparation (brewery layout, all media connections etc).
Customers remain in permanent contact with a brewmaster who is in charge of their brewery.

Once the brewery equipment is delivered, installed and tested, brewmaster is coming to make initial brewings, to train new brewery personnel, and to introduce complete beer brewing technology.
Our master brewers in many cases stay at customers brewery for a longer period of time to lead manage beer brewing to achieve top beer quality and to complete new brewer’s training.

Our brewing guidance process is not finished with our brewmasters getting back from a new microbrewery/ pub brewery – they keep in touch and provide their assistance untill it’s needed, it’s a long-term process.
Customers come back to us and t our brewmasters also after years of brewery operation when they need to develop a new special beer recipes or when they need to make vital technology changes.

Thanks to our brewmasters’ know-how and vast experience accumulated at breweries in all Europe we’re capable to answer and resolve any questions from our customers related to brewery equipment, beer recipes, raw-materials for brewing or brewing process and technology.