Bottling – filling, kegging lines, equipment

automatic bottling line

Filling Solutions – Bottling & Kegging Lines

We offer full range of bottling equipment for filling, capping, labeling and packaging. For any type of carbonated or non-carbonated beverages, oil, beer, wine, liquors, ketchup or other liquids into glass or PET bottles.
Complete bottling lines for filling of any beverages. Suitable for water filling, beverage plants, wineries, distilleries, edible-oil plants, microbreweries, pubbreweries.
mineral water bottling

Small Manual Bottling & Kegging Equipment

Manual machines designed to be economic, space saving and easy to operate. For filling, capping, labeling and packaging beverages into glass bottles or PET.
Highly reliable, portable and cost-effective machines with capacity range: from 30 up to 300 bottles per hour(bph) (240 – 2400 bottles per 8 hrs working shift). Simple installation, operation & maintenance.
Manual bottling & kegging machines are great & affordable solution for small business, seasonal production or crafted beverages.

Mid-Size Semiautomatic Bottling & Kegging Plants

Our semiautomatic midsize bottling equipment combines high bottle filling speed with small space & personnel requirements. Filler/Capper PEPA 2/2, Bottle Rinser, Bottle Washer and Labeller are great and still affordable solution for beverage producers.
You can fill up to 600 bottles per hour (up to 4800 bottles per 8 hrs working shift). Semiautomatic equipment can be combined with manual machines (semiautomatic filler/capper Pepa 2/2 with manual labeller).
The semiautomats are ideal low-cost but efficient easy-to-operate solution to start-up a small bottle-filling plant.

Automatic Bottling Machines / Plants

Bottle Rinsers, Filler, Cappers & Crown-Corkers working single or combined in Monoblocks, Triblocks or Superblocks. Highly efficient, reliable, with minimum floor-space requirements.
Smaller automatic rotary fillers PEPA 4 & PEPA 6. Combined with smaller cappers, labellers & bottle rinsers or washers fit perfectly for mid-size operations. Bottling capacity 900 up to 1500 bottles per hour.
Mid-sized monoblocks, triblocks or superblocks PEPA 9/9/1/1 & PEPA 12/12/4/1 (rinser / filler / capper / labeller) completed with a proper shrink-wrapper can produce 1500 up to 4000 bottles per hour.
Bigger automats starting from monoblock PEPA 15/5, triblock or superblock PEPA 15/15/5/1. Completed with proper PET-blowers, Bottle-Unscramblers, Carbonators & Drink-Mixing Units, Shrink-Wrappers & Palletizers. Suitable for bigger bottling plants with capacity ranging from 4000 up to 25000 bottles per hour.

Turn-key Automatic Kegging Lines for filling of beer, wine or soft drinks

KEG-Washing & KEG-Filling Machines, Capping Machines, KEG Conveyors, KEG Turners.

Bottling Lines customized to client’s specification

Equipment for filling, capping and packaging of carbonated or non-carbonated beverages or other liquids into PET or glass bottles:
Filling machines (automats, semiautomats)
Monoblocks: Filler/ Capper
Triblocks: Rinser/ Filling machine/ Capper
Superblocks: Rinser/ Filler/ Capper/ Labeller
Labelling Automats, Capping Machines, Bottle washers, Bottle Rinsers, Unscramblers, Air conveyors & Bottle conveyors

Complete packaging solutions

Shrink-wrap packaging machines (Shrink tunnels, Bundlers), Palletizers, Pallete bundlers.

PET bottle blowing equipment

Complete turn key solutions – Blow Moulding Machines, Compressors & Moulds sets.

Beverage carbonation & mixing units

For production & carbonisation of soft drinks.

Turn-key Kegging Lines for filling of beer, wine or soft drinks

Washing & Filling machines, Capping machines, KEG conveyors, KEG turners.


For filling of beverages and also other liquids to glass bottles, PET or PE bottles and metallic cans.


Quality certified according to ISO 9001

  • Bottle fillers: overpressure, automatic, 500 – 40000 BPH, can be executed in blocks with Rinser, Capper (crown-corker or screw-corker) or Labeller with one main drive.
  • Bottle capping machines: for different kinds of caps, Crown-Corkers or Screw-Corkers (plastic cork-screw cappers) in full capacity range from manual linear machines up to rotational automatic devices.
  • Monoblocks: Overpressure Filler / Capper
  • Triblocks: Rinser/ Overpressure Filler/ Capper
  • Superblocks: Rinser/ Overpressure Filler/ Capper/ Labeller
  • Labeling machines: from straight-way or table labellers for 1 label up to rotating devices for 1, 2 or 3 labels.
  • bottle washers & rinsers
  • Bottle air-evacuating devices: for evacuating of air from bottle prior to filling.
  • Bottle rinsers: manual or automatic, for rinsing of new bottles before filling.
  • Bottle washers: semiautomatic or automatic, for return glass-bottles washing.
  • Bottle inspectors: for checking of empty or full bottles.
  • Bottle & crate conveyors
  • Bottle decrators & crators
  • Pasteurizers: flow and tunnel pasteurizing equipment.
  • Beverage saturating devices
  • Ink jet codering units
  • PET-bottle unscramblers: rotating unscramblers with transport of bottles to air conveyor.
  • Air conveyors: for transporting of PET-bottles.
  • PET-bottle blowing machines
  • Wrapping machines
  • Cap unscramblers & transporters
  • Crown-cork magnetic conveyors
  • Plastic crates washers
  • CIP-stations


6 – 15 KEGs/hour, simple manual devices for cleaning & filling of beer casks.


for filling of beer into KEG-barrels.

  • Depalletizing & palletizing equipment: for manipulation with empty & full KEGs, special vacuum-head, vacuum pump.
  • KEG-washers: for external KEG-washing.
  • KEG-washers / fillers: for internal washing and filling of barrels (casks).
  • KEG-chain conveyors: input and output conveyors with drivings.
  • KEG-turners: automatic operation.
  • Weighing devices: automatic tensiometer weighing.
  • KEG-cappers: capping of barrels (casks) with plastic caps.
  • CIP-stations


We standartly provide:

  • Technological Project of Bottling or kegging Line.
  • Design of Machines and Equipment according to customer`s wishes.
  • One-house manufacture of the machines.
  • Installation and Putting into Operation, Personnel Training.
  • Guarantee Service and After-Sales Service.