Beer drafting solutions for pub brewery

beer drafting tanks in Prague pub

Beer drafting from KEGs:

  • beer is filled from brite-beer tanks to classical KEG-barrels or to one-way KEGs (keykegs, petainers or polykegs) initially and then is beer drafting made from KEGs to customers in your bar/beer pub or restaurant. Or KEGs are also distributed to other pubs/bars.
    If you have 3 bar CCT-fermenters, you also can fill your KEGs directly from the CCTs. Unless you need to brew new beer immediately.

beer drafting from top of bar

Beer drafting from horizontal dispensing tanks:

  • beer drafting directly from 300L, 500L or 1000L horizontal dispensing tanks with bag inside placed directly in your beer bar or restaurant. These dispensing/beer tapping tanks in stainless or in copper/stainless finish help to create an exciting beer pub atmosphere. Your pub brewery and restaurant becomes a real attraction place.
    Further advantage of these tanks is direct beer selling to the bar tap. Beer is stored inside the special PE- bags inside the tank and is drafted/pushed-out by pressed air without touching the beer. Not allowing air to be in contact with beer means an excellent beer taste, much longer beer shelf-life.
    Your customers feel the taste and aroma of the in-house crafted beer which together with visual effect creates that right pub brewery atmosphere.

Our 3HL, 5HL, 10HL, 15HL and 20HL CCT-tanks for fermenting & lagering are standartly made for 3bar pressure. So they can also perfom brite-beer tanks’ functions. Our CCT-fermenters thus can be used for filling of beer into  bottles, KEGs or one-way KEGs, but also for direct on-site beer drafting for guests in your restaurant, brew pub, bar or night club.

CCT-tanks over 20HL in size can be made for 3bar pressure on request. More and more microbrewery owners prefer to have universal CCT-tanks performing fermentation, lagering, filling and beer drafting functions.

Equipment for filling beer into KEG barrels or to one-way KEGs (keykegs, petainers, polykegs, ecodrafts) – see in section Bottling