Brewery systems – special features

Trouble-free brewhouse system based on brewmasters improvements

We keep in permanent contact with our customers and with our collaborating brewmasters.
This results in top-efficient brewing equipment with USER FRIENDLY BREWHOUSE CONTROL SYSTEM, which means easy-to-operate brewhouse adapted to customer’s needs and customer’s language (also Korean language possible). We have a great reputation among Czech master-brewers – primarily for our brewhouses.

Brewhouse piping designed for comfortable decoction & infusion mashing

Brewhouse piping distribution and diameters enable most comfortable operation – wort and water flows. Our brewhouse piping/flows system results from 30 years experience and is based on our collaborating brewmasters’ proposals/improvements.

Brewhouse pre-designed for future upgrade

Our brewhouse is pre-designed/prepared for future upgrade (if planned by customer).
It can be adding another wort-kettle or holding tank to perform 3 or more batches per day.
See also brewery expansion.

Highest wort-yield and top-efficient & comfortable lautering

Our brewhouses have highest wort-yield and this is proven by 30-year experience.
Long-year improving of our brewhouse system helped us to reach most comfortable lautering performed in minimal possible time. We standartly achieve 1-hour 45-minutes lautering time for 10° beers on 10HL-brewhouse.

Smart sanitation routes

make our customers’ life comfortable.
ONE EXAMPLE – you simply don’t need to get the lautering-sieve out after every brewing.

Pre-masher unit & steam-condenser included in brewhouse price

Pre-masher unit is standartly included in brewhouse setup and this makes mashing top efficient. Steam-condenser is made in impressive decorative design but is totally efficient – fully replaces steam-venting (if customers don’t have chimney) and contributes to hot water recovery.

Brewhouse and cellar tanks longevity

We have brewery systems built at our factory 15 or 20 years ago and still in efficient operation.
Operated by original customers or sold to another brewery but still working perfectly.

Brewmaster’s services, beer recipes, malt & hops deliveries, training in Czech republic

We support our customers during start-up but also during further operation – We have excellent Czech brewmasters working with our brewhouses for years and we have proven malt, hops & yeasts supliers.
We provide brewer’s training for our customers at brewers schools in the Czech Republic (in English) See also brewing guidance.

Energy save, hot water recovery

Our brewhouse together with wort-cooler provide significant energy save and hot-water recovery. Hot water is recovered from both steam-condenser and from wort-cooling and collected in Hot-water tank (HLT).
Cellar tanks chilling and wort-cooling are calculated with professional precision to save a lot of energy for our customers.

Adaptable malt & grist conveyors/augersAUGERS

Our malt-conveyors & grist-augers a top efficient and adaptable to brewery changes/expansion.
In case of brewery layout changes due to expansion or moving to a new location malt-conveyors/grist-augers can be easily prolonged using necessary spare-parts.