6 vessel fully automated craft brewery

6-vessel automated craft brewery

We have just built and commissioned 30HL 6-vessel fully automated craft brewery at Frydlant
Brewery who also operate a School of Brewers – http://www.pivovar-frydlant.com

It’s first 6-vessel fully automated craft brewery with pneumatic valves in the Czech Republic.

6-vessel brewhouse design enables each brewing operation to be performed in a separate vessel considerably thus increasing brewhouse efficiency:
6 – 8 batches per day, each brewing yields 30HL of wort

Brewhouse setup:

mash tun1 + mash tun2 + lauter tun + holding tank + wort kettle + whirlpool
HLT and CLT stand separately.
Floor space: 60 m2 / Height: 4.15m


automated craft brewery - on the platform view
6-vessels brewhouse on the platform
automated craft brewery front view
front view to staircase and control panel
automated craft brewery under platform view
under the platform
pneumatic valves for automatic brewhouse control
pneumatic valves for automatic brewhouse control