Glycol Cooling System

Glycol Chiller with Ice Water Tank

Each setup of our brewing equipment is delivered and installed with glycol cooling/chilling system for
– wort-cooling in Wort-Cooler (heat-exchanger)
– chilling of cellar tanks – Fermenting & Conditioning CCT-tanks/fermenters, and Brite Tanks (BBTs)

Glycol Cooling system for Wort-Cooling (automatic control)

Ice-water 1-2 ºC is produced by chililng-unit equipped with plate heat-exchanger coolant/water. Coolant flows through plate heat-exchanger and ice-water flows-out from plate heat-exchanger to Ice-water tank.

Cooling system for wort-cooling – spec (30HL-brewery example):
– insulated ice-water tank 1x65HL
– chilling-unit (glycol chiller unit)
– stainless glycol pump 2 pcs
– plate heat-exchanger coolant/water
– plate cooler water/wort

30HL of wort must be chilled down from 95°C to 6°C, (89°C difference) within 1 hour. It means 320kWh or thermal energy must be taken away from wort. If this is to be achieved within hour than it’s 320kW power. This energy will be taken away by means of +2°C.
Ice-water produced in the ice-water tank/reservoir..Water is heated in Wort-cooler up to 80°C, to take away 320kWh we thus need total 3500L of ice-water. This water is then pumped into hot-water tank (boiler) where thus have preheated 3500L of 80°C water. Ice-water tank is then filled-up with 25°C tap-water which must be chilled down to +2°C (23°C difference). This equals to 268kWh of energy. As there are 2 batches per day chilling-down must carried out within 4 hours. This corresponds to 35 kW chilling power/output.

Ice-water supply min 6000L
Chilling heat-exchanger power 35 kW
Water flow on chilling: 1500L/hr
glycol flow as per ∆T. At -2/6°C 7200L/hr
Water piping DN 32
Glycol piping PPr 63

cooling system scheme

Glycol Chilling System for Cellar tanks (CCT and BBT) – 30HL-brewery with 6-8CCT-60HL

Glycol Chiller is automatic controlled equipment with 36 kW chilling power, with 25kW el-power input. Coolant tank/reservoir is in insulated 20HL vessel. coolant circulation is secured by circulating pump. Ice-waterv tank connections are G1“ at delivery and G1¼“.at go-and-return line.

Cooling system for Cellar tanks – spec:
– chilling power 36 kW
– insulated glycol-mixture reservoir 20HL (Ice-Water tank) insulation PUR 50mm
– stainless-steel circulation glycol-mixture pump MXHM 222E 0,33 kW
– connecting piping dimensions G¾“
– glycol chiller unit (self-contained condensing unit)
– stainless glycol pumps
– digital temperature control panel

Ice Water Tank spec:
Ice Water Tank is cylindrical, vertical, jacketed & insulated double-walled stainless-steel vessel with dished-top and 10° conical bottom, equipped with thermosensors, solenoid valves and analogical thermometer. As integral part of cooling system for brewing equipment Ice Water Tank is designed to supply ice water for
– wort-cooling in plate heat-exchanger (Wort-Cooler), prior to pumping cooled wort to fermenters
– chilling of CCT-fermenters/unitanks or also brite-tanks (serving tanks)