Lauter Tun

A lauter tun is the traditional vessel used for separation of the extracted wort.
Our microbrewery equipment is designed with lauter tun as an extra vessel which guarantees most efficient and comfortable brewery equipment operation.
This brewhouse vessel is designed to perform lautering function – to separate wort from spent-grain, and to participate in decoction mashing (along with Mash/Kettle vessel or with separate Mash Tun in microbrewery plants with 4- or 5-vessel brewhouse), (for more information on brewing process see Brief Brewing Info)

stainless steel AISI 304 (SUS 304)
Internal jacket: 3mm thickness
External-Jacket: 2mm thickness
Inner surface treatment:
cold-rolled lates 2B finish, grinded to Ra 0,8 µm.
External surface treatment:
cold-rolled plates 2B finish, grinded to SB.
Polyurethane 100 mm

Lauter Tun is Insulated jacketed (double-walled) cylindrical vertical stainless-steel vessel (AISI 304) with dished head (dome) insulated with polyurethane, with 4 adjustable legs. Internal vessel surface is polished to Ra 1,6. This vessel performs lautering function – separatig of solid insoluble ingredients from wort. To perform this function Lauter Tun is equipped with central mixer with stirring rakes and grain-out ribbon/bar with min. 350mm vertical lift, and with conical bottom with inverted conical center sloped to collecting pipes to run-off maltose-wort to Mash/Kettle vessel or to Wort-Kettle.
Separation of spent-grain from wort is performed by removable milled sectional lautering floor/screen placed above lower bottom with 7 to 10 rinsing nozzles with directed water stream for proper bottom washing and with 7 to 10 outlets for wort lautering. Bottom is equipped with Ø 300mm spent-grain outhrow shutter. Dished-head has Ø500mm Glass-Manway. Spray-balls and sparging-balls are placed below internal-vessel cover. Steam is vented through Ø65mm central vent-chimney (covered with decorative false Ø300mm chimney). Venting chimney/pipe is equipped with wind & rain diffuser.

Lauter Tun within our microbrewery systems with 3-, 4- or 5-vessel brewhouse performs pump driven lautering with variable controlled speed ensuring thus maximum efficiency and quality. In mid-size and bigger brewery plants this brewhouse vessel is equipped with multi height rakes powered by frequency changer controlled 2.2kW geardrive motor. Recommended ideal rotations are 14 to 22 RPM depending on brewery system size.

Lautering rakes have 2 functions:
– cutting through the raw material sitting on false bottom (forward rotations)
– pushing of spent grain out through the side manway (reversed rotations)

Lauter tun equipment:

manway Ø 500 mm (glass – 70% of surface)
sprayball 2pcs Alfa Laval rotational head
light 24 V / 50 W / IP 68
socket for thermosensor G ½“ / Pt 100
central outlet DN 50 (from collecting-crown to lautering pump)
lautering DN32
pneumatic controlled grain-out DN300 (with power-cut protection)
lautering-bottom rinsing nozzles 7 to 10 x DN 32
sparging DN32 (Ø 28mm spray-ball 4pcs)
10-segment lautering bottom 0,7mm slots, 12% throughput
frequency changer controlled NORD gear-box 2,2kW

Technical parameters:

Drive power / rotation speed 2,2 kW / 14 rev/min
Outgoing rotation speed 4,2 1.min-1
Torque (torsion moment) 1501 Nm
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Voltage 3×230 / 400 V (can be adapted to custoemr’s local voltage)
IP code IP55
stirring rakes lifting min. 350mm