Microbrewery process flowchart

20HL-brewery process flowchart

Microbrewery process flowchart shows our typical microbrewery equipment setup with 20HL brewhouse and 40HL Fermenting & conditioning CCT-tanks.
To better show brewing process mash tun and wort kettle are displayed as separate vessels but they are usually both designed within one mash/kettle vessel.
Brewhouse can later be upgraded by adding a separate wort kettle to achieve more batches per day.

HLT (hot water tank)is not displayed here but it’s an integral part of our microbrewery equipment used for storing of hot water coming from wort-cooling (or also from steam-condeser/recuperation system), and for heating of the stored hot water to a temperature needed for mashing (or for CIP-cleaning).
HLT is usually installed in one area with whirlpool and wort-cooler (plate heat-exchanger).
microbrewery workflow