Whirlpool Vessel / Hot Liquor Tank

Our microbrewery equipment is designed with Whirlpool Vessel as an extra vessel (within 3-vessel brewhouse or separately), or within combitank (below lauter tun) as part of 2-vessel brewhouse.

In brewing equipment setups with 3-vessel brewhouse Whirlpool Vessel is insulated & jacketed and performs both whirlpooling and water-heating functions.

As a part of brewery equipment setups with 2-vessel brewhouse Whirlpool Vessel is insulated but not jacketed/heated and performs clearly whirlpooling function. On customer’s request can be made jacketed/heated and can perform water-heating function as well (along with Mash/Kettle Vessel).
(for more information on brewing process see Brief Brewing Info)

stainless steel AISI 304 (SUS 304)
Internal jacket: 3mm thickness
External-Jacket: 2mm thickness
Inner surface treatment:
cold-rolled lates 2B finish, grinded to Ra 0,8 µm.
External surface treatment:
cold-rolled plates 2B finish, grinded to SB.
Polyurethane 100 mm,

Whirlpool Vessel is stainless steel vertical, double-walled, insulated & jacketed vessel with dished head (dome) insulated with polyurethane.
Wort is set into whirlpooling motion by agitator (Agitator is frequency changer controlled).
After gaining maximum rotating speed, paddle gradually slows allowing thus sediments to settle down on the vessel’s bottom.
Whirlpool Vessel bottom is slightly conical, sharper closer to bottom centre with sediment outlet.

Wort inlet is executed via side tangential nozzle (swirl gate) – wort whirling & sediment separation being enabled by nozzle shape and routing.

Whirlpool Vessel accessories include: manway with sight glass, dome sight glass with light, 2 spray balls, PT 100 temperature gauge, level gauge, 2 wort outlets: side- and bottom outlet

Internal welded steam jackets – max.pressure 4 bars
Vessel heating is provided by two independently controlled steam jackets at 1° C per minute and steam pressure of 4 bar at 150° C temperature. Inlet of steam into steam jackets is controlled from brewhouse control panel by electrically operated solenoid valves, depending on temperature and speed of heating, and also by use of manually operated regulating valves controlled from brewhouse platform.