Wort Cooling, Aeration and Adding of Yeasts

Wort cooling follows after boiling with hops in Brew-Kettle and whirlpooling in Whirlpool Vessel wort is cooled down in Wort-Cooler (multi-pass 2-stage plate heat exchanger).

Delivered in 3㎡ to 30㎡ size range (3HL/hour to 80HL/hour) depending on brewing equipment size
for more information on brewing process see brief brewing info

stainless steel AISI 304 (SUS 304)

Assembled with sight glass, PT 100 temperature gauge and with wort filter on heat-exchanger wort inlet

2-stage Wort-cooler (heat-exchanger) – 80HL/hr example:
Using city water supply and ice-water 0-2 °C
Output 8000 ltr/hr, cooling demand from 90º C to 6° C within 1 hour

Technical parameters – 80HL/hour wort-coller:
– material 1.4404
– sealing EPDM (160 ºC)
– working pressure 0,4-0,8 MPa
– max pressure 1,4 MPa
– wort input DN50 (DIN11851)
– tap-water input DN32 (DIN11851)
– ice-water input DN32 (DIN11851)
– input temperature 90 – 95 ºC / 30 ºC – I. cooling phase

Our Wort-Coolers (heat-exchanger) in both pub brewery and microbrewery equipment setups are installed in one unit with wort-aerating device (sterile wort-aeration), and with yeast-adding tank designed for comfortable adding of yeasts to wort during pumping to unitank/fermenter for fermentation and conditioning/maturation.

Delivery of yeast-adding tank depends on customer’s wishes as yeasts can also be added to wort manually through unitank’s manway during transfer of wort from wort-cooler to unitank.