Stainless Steel Tanks Construction

Stainless steel tanks

  • Full range of custom designed stainless steel tanks up to 500hl (50m³). Pressurized/Non Pressurized, Double jacketed or with single jacket, insulated or non-insulated, with or without cooling zones, heated or non-heated vessels, cylindrical or conical tanks. Dished or common heads/bottoms.
  • Pressure vessels/tanks. Storage tanks/silos. Process vessels/tanks. Mixers. Blenders. Homogenizers.
  • Pharma tanks.
  • Customized brewery tanks & vessels.
  • Agitation tanks. Milk storage tanks. Vinegar tanks.
  • Edible oil tanks. Wine tanks/vessels.
  • CIP & sanitary tanks.
  • Beer tapping tanks. Soft-drink tapping tanks.