Mash Tun

Our microbrewery and pub brewery systems with 2- or 3-vessel brewhouse have 2 principle brewing functions – mashing and wort-boiling, performed by Mash/Kettle combi-vessel.
Our mid-size and bigger microbrewery setups (microbrewery equipment designed with 4- or 5-vessel brewhouse), have separate Mash Tun and Wort Kettle (sometimes called also Brew -Kettle) to achieve multiple batches/brews daily.

for more information on brewing process see brief brewing info)

stainless steel AISI 304 (SUS 304)
Internal jacket: 3mm thickness
External-Jacket: 2mm thickness
Inner surface treatment:
cold-rolled lates 2B finish, grinded to Ra 0,8 µm.
External surface treatment:
cold-rolled plates 2B finish, grinded to SB.
Polyurethane 100 mm

As most of brewing equipment Mash Tun is insulated jacketed (double-walled) cylindrical vertical stainless-steel vessel (AISI 304), with 4 adjustable legs. Mash Tun heating is performed (4 bar/150 °C) by 2 independent welded steam-heating jackets/sections (cylinder and bottom), each jacket/section equipped with own steam-shutter and condensate-venting. Mash mixing is ensured by offset paddles/rakes for which Mash Tun is equipped with central agitator/mixer (ranging from 2.2 to 3kW) with drive placed below the lower bottom (easy access from below selfsupporting operation platform). Mixer/agitator rotations are 35 to 50 RPM dependign on brewery system size.
Internal vessel surface is polished to Ra 1,6 and its cover is polished as well. External vessel surface is polished to grain 180. Steam from the Mash Tun is vented to steam condenser or to outer space via Ø300mm central vent-chimney equipped with wind & rain diffuser

Lauter tun equipment:

manway Ø 500 mm (glass – 70% of surface)
sprayball 2pcs DN32 / Ø65 mm rotational Alfa Laval sprayballs
light 24 V / 50 W / IP 68 (light lead-in cable piping laid between 2 jackets/walls)
socket for thermosensor G ½“ / Pt 100
steam inlet & oulet G 1“
manual air-oulet valves G½“ in the top part of duplicator (steam-jacket)
wort inlet and outlet DN 65
steam-venting Ø 250mm to open space, venting-pipe equipped with wind & rain diffuser
socket for foaming quality sensor G 1“
gear-box NORD – frequency changer control 3kW
mixer – rotation speed to 50 rev/min.
mashing pump 150 to 250 hl/hour with frequvency changer

Mash Tun can be equipped with Pre-masher (included in mash-tun price)
Grist flex-auger inside the grist feed-in arm (L-shaped arm in the drawing), costs roughly 1.590 EUR (depending on concrete length)

Pre-masher equipment:

Pre-masher DN200, water delivery DN32, washing-nozzle, sight-glas, up to 10 bar closeness
Flange/sleeve feed-in pipe DN215, access/sight-hole above DN150 gate-valve/shutter hermetic inter-flange gate-valve with mechanic control

Mash Tun heating system:
Internal welded steam jackets – max.pressure 4 bars
Vessel heating is provided by two independently controlled steam jackets at 1° C per minute and steam pressure of 4 bar at 150° C temperature. Inlet of steam into steam jackets is controlled from brewhouse control panel by electrically operated solenoid valves, depending on temperature and speed of heating, and also by use of manually operated regulating valves controlled from brewhouse platform.