Microbrewery Equipment

microbrewery vesselsmicrobrewery vessels

Microbrewery Plants 2000L, 2500L, 3500L, 5000L of beer per brew

Complete microbrewery systems with capacity ranging from 14.000hl up to 70.000 hl of beer per year. Fully equipped multibatch industrial breweries with 3- or 4-vessel brewhouse sized from 20hl up to 50hl of beer per brew. Brewery systems designed for 4, 5 up to 6 brews/daily. Both infusion and decoction mashing capable microbreweries producing all styles of beer.

microbrewery equipmentmicro brewery

Microbrewery Plants 500L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L of beer per brew

Microbrewery equipment with 2- or 3-vessel brewhouse sized from 5hl up to 20hl of beer per brew designed for 2 brews daily (3 brews/day on infusion mashing). Annual capacity of brewing equipment range from 2000 hl up to 14000 hl of beer per year. Space saving microbrewery plants with mash-kettle * lauter * whirlpool design. Microbrewery systems constructed to produce all styles of beer - both ales and lagers.

pub brewerybrewery equipment

Pub Brewery Equipment 200L, 400L, 500L, 1000L of beer per brew

Brewing equipment for brewpubs incl. beerpub outfit & decorative britebeer tanks. Space saving pub brewery systems with 2- or 3-vessel steam-heated brewhouse sized from from 2hl up to 10hl of beer per brew, decorative fermenting & conditioning uni tanks and brite-beer tanks in copper-clad. Pub brewery plants capacity ranging from 100hl up to 2.000hl of beer per year. Brewery equipment constructed for brewing both special and classic beers.

bottle fillingkeg filling

Bottle-Filling machines: manual, semi-automatic, full-automatic

Beer bottling equipment for pubbreweries, small & mid-size microbreweries.
- Small Manual Bottling & Kegging Equipment: 30 to 300 bph (240 - 2400 bottles per 8 hrs working shift)
- Semiautomatic Bottling & Kegging Machines: up to 600 bph (up to 4800 bottles per 8 hrs working shift)
- Smaller Automatic Rotary Fillers, Cappers, Labellers 900 to 1500 bph
- Automatic Monoblocks, Triblocks, Superblocks 1500 to 4000 bph up to 25000 bph
- Cappers (crown-corkers), Labellers, Bottle Rinsers, Bottle Washers, PET-Blowers, Bottle-Unscramblers, Carbonators, Drink-Mixing Units, Shrink-Wrappers, Palletizers. Bottling machines for water plants, beverage plants, wineries, distilleries, edible-oil plants.

stainless tanksstainless steel tanks

Stainless Steel Tanks / Vessels up to 500hl (50m³)

All kinds of custom designed stainless steel vessels/tanks. Pressurized/Non Pressurized, Double jacketed or with single jacket, Insulated/Non Insulated. Cylindrical or conical stainless tanks with or without cooling zones. Heated or non-heated vessels. Pressure vessels/tanks. Process & Storage vessels/tanks. Customized brewery tanks & vessels. Beer tapping tanks. Soft-drink tapping tanks. Wine tanks/vessels. Pharma tanks. Milk storage tanks. Vinegar tanks. Edible oil tanks. CIP & sanitary tanks.

Turnkey Supplies - Complete package of brewing, bottling & kegging equipment under one contract - from Malt-Mill, Brewhouse, Fermenters, Brite Tanks, Chilling Unit, Steam Plant, CIP-Stations & Beer Filters up to Bottle Washers, Rinsers, Fillers, Cappers, Labellers, Conveyors, Pasteurizers
Computer Automated | Central Control Panel | or Manually Operated
Attractive Design in Stainless-Steel or Copper jacketed
Variety of Finest Craft-Beers - Beer Recipes, Raw materials sourcing
Complete microbrewery installation on-site & Commissioning, Personnel Training, Our brewmaster`s assistance on-site, incl. initial brewings
Microbrewery Spare Parts and Service available any time of year
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