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5 Reasons to start Pub Brewery

Restaurant/pub owners do everything conceivable to promote their business – from exotic cuisine and attractive interior design to various attractive programs and shows.
And brewing, fermenting, lagering and serving your own beer onsite directly in your pub, restaurant or bar is one of the most attractive and fascinating shows you ever could present to your guests/visitors. Here is 5 more good reasons to start pub brewery.

Why you should start pub brewery

From all the benefits your own pub brewery brings to you as a pub, restaurant, night club or bar owner we’d like to ephasize the following five:

  1. Adding more attraction to your current pub/restaurant – you substantially increase number of your visitors/guests
  2. You double to tripple your profit per each glass of beer served to your visitors/guests
  3. Meal sales boom in your restaurant supported by special in-house beers on offer
  4. Substantially faster return on investment – if you build a new pub/restaurant with your own in-house pub brewery you need by far shorter period of time to pay your invested money back (compared to classical pub/restaurant without own pub brewery)
  5. Increased publicity of your pub/restaurant – you increase your potential for further business expansion

Just like some restaurants build their brand based on some of the national cuisines, you can build your restaurant, pub, night club or bar brand & reputation based on brewing and offering traditional high quality and tasty Czech beers made from traditional Czech malt, hops and yeasts cultivated in original Czech natural conditions and processed under traditional know-how and technologies developed for centuries.

Brewing, fermenting and lagering equipment displayed directly in your restaurant, steakhouse, pub, night club or bar helps to enhance your reputation of a place where visitors can get fabulous meals together with excellent beers in multiple grades, tastes and colours,
One just needs to come and taste once and then just wants to keep coming.

Start pub brewery or restaurant brewery is trully challenging issue, but there is growing number of fresh starts. See brewery startup article.